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Parents: It’s OK to Prioritize Yourself

Parents are always supposed to put their kids first. Right?  I’m going to go ahead and disagree with that.  As parents we’re ingrained with the idea that we’re supposed to ignore our own needs to make sure our kids have all our attention and energy.  But…YOU have needs, too!  There’s

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Why We Share Our Gender Pronouns in Class

Why We Share Our Gender Pronouns in Class by Lianna Cotant, RECF member At Ripple Effect, every class we introduce ourselves. We ask for folks to share their name, and then give the option to share their pronouns if they’d like. So, why do we have our members do this?

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Meet Our First Scholarship Recipient!

Last fall we announced our new scholarship program, the Ripple Effect Leadership in Fitness scholarship. Our intent was to provide $500 in financial assistance to a BIPOC college student who is pursuing a career in health & fitness. You can read more about the “Why” on the scholarship page. We’re

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Why We Sold Our InBody Machine

by Coach Chris Today we shipped our InBody machine to another gym, down in Tennessee. We spent close to $6,000 on the machine when we bought it in early 2019. By any measure, it was our most expensive piece of equipment in the gym! So why would we sell it? 

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Top 5 Beginner Mistakes in Fitness

by Coach Chris Are you starting a new exercise or nutrition program soon? These are some of the biggest mistakes we see new folks making! It’s mostly mindset issues. Going in with the right attitude and expectations is key to a successful venture. Hopefully these tips can save you some

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Lessons Learned Postpartum

Today we have a special guest blog, written by RECF member Lianna Cotant! She’ll recap some of her biggest learnings from her recent postpartum experience. Lessons Learned Postpartum, by Lianna Cotant My second child, the first I’ve birthed, was born a little over a year ago. These past two years

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Ripple Effect Leadership in Fitness Scholarship

We are so excited to announce a new initiative at Ripple Effect: our Leadership in Fitness Scholarship! We’re awarding a $500 scholarship to a BIPOC college student who is studying health & fitness, and wants to make a positive impact on their community. For more details and info about why

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FIT FOR LIFE: Coming soon at Ripple Effect

FIT FOR LIFE! Coming Soon at Ripple EffectBy Coach Chris Over the past five years or so, I have had the privilege of coaching both of my parents at my gym. I’m pretty sure they just joined up initially to support my business, with no intent of sticking around for

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“You should stick to fitness.”

Since the beginning of 2021, we’ve been working on being more vocal and specific when it comes to our core values. We want everyone to know what our goals are as a community. Since the inception of Ripple Effect, we’ve operated differently than many other microgyms. Smaller space, smaller classes,

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