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RECF 2023 Pride Apparel

We’ve got some awesome new Pride-themed apparel coming in hot! In an effort to try to get the shirts in before Pride weekend at the end of the month, we’re keeping the pre-order window very tight. All pre-orders are due by 9pm this Sunday 6/11! Get your orders in now so

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Body Positivity: A Golden Rule

By Head Nutrition Coach, Rachel When it comes to body positivity, the term can be said easier than it can be embodied by most people. We live in a society obsessed with image and full of conflicting information. Along my own journey on body image, confidence and radical acceptance I

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What’s the Deal with Macros: Carbohydrate Edition

By Head Nutrition Coach, Rachel  We hear this term a lot in physical fitness and wellness environments… but what are “macros”?  First of all, these elements are very important to health however it isn’t the whole story. Our bodies are complex machines that require different forms of nourishment to flourish.

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Protein Powder Options Explored

By Head Nutrition Coach Rachel When it comes to protein powders, there are a lot of options on the market. Truly there is something for everyone no matter your dietary preferences. Sometimes selecting one can be troublesome as you want to be sure you find one that is right for

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These Are The Days To Remember

One of the hardest things to do as a 21st century human, is to actually live in the moment. We’re constantly bombarded with reminders of what we don’t have. We see everyone else’s highlight reels on social media. We’re busy — always moving from one thing to the next thing,

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New Offering! the Ripple Effect Reset

Announcement! As you may have heard, we have a new program just in time for season change. Have you been feeling like adding to your health goals? And you’ve been looking for inspiration or to deepen your knowledge on health and wellness? Join us for the Ripple Effect Reset which

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Building Strength After 40: You Can Do It!

Can you build strength after 40? Absolutely! Many people think that we get weaker as we get older. And it’s true that we’ll all experience some physical decline as we age.  But it’s a fact that strength can be improved at any age, and older adults who train regularly can

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Hydration Station: 3 Goods to Inspire Your H2O Intake

Posted by Head Nutrition Coach, Rachel When it comes to water intake and hydration, it’s so important to stay inspired and to set yourself up for success. By having fun options available for you to choose from, your routine is made easy by accessibility and low time commitment while taking

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Healthful Spring Holidays: A Few Keys for Success

It can be so easy to feel pressure around foods during holidays. Spring holidays are no different! We’ve put together a few general go-to tips to feel well rounded in nutrition while enjoying the festivities and special occasion treats. Eat whole fruits. Fruits provide fiber which adds bulk to our

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