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“You should stick to fitness.”

Since the beginning of 2021, we’ve been working on being more vocal and specific when it comes to our core values. We want everyone to know what our goals are as a community. Since the inception of Ripple Effect, we’ve operated differently than many other microgyms. Smaller space, smaller classes,

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Little Shifts

Little Shifts, by Coach Alison What’s the best way to go about making lasting change in your life? Small, consistent habits that build over time are much more reliable than doing a 180 or setting your expectations extremely high. The idea of building little shifts (or habits) into your routine

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Coming Soon: The Healthy Habits Kickstart

We’re starting a 4 week Healthy Habits Kickstart on March 1st and it’s a great opportunity for both members and non-members to develop healthy habits that will help the rest of your 2021 and well beyond! Have you picked up some less-than-ideal habits during the pandemic? Do you know someone that has

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Let’s Do Better

Let’s Do Better. by Coach Chris If you went anywhere near your social media yesterday, you probably noticed it was Martin Luther King Jr. Day in the USA. Everybody and their mother was posting MLK quotes on Instagram. That in itself isn’t a problem. However, most of these quotes were

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Opportunity Knocks

Opportunity Knocks Gyms in MN have re-opened for group classes once again! For many folks this past year has presented a ton of new challenges when it comes to keeping up our fitness routine. Many of us have had to rely on very limited space & equipment. Some of you

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“Before & After” Pictures Suck.

Before & After Pictures Suck.By Coach Chris You won’t see Before & After pictures on our social media. We’re sick of seeing these as the “gold standard” of marketing and social proof for exercise & nutrition programs. Aside from the fact that they’re VERY easily manipulated, there’s all sorts of

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Working Out in a Mask

Working Out in a Mask With the recent changes in COVID safety requirements for gyms in MN, many folks will be working out in masks for the first time next week. At RECF, we’ve been requiring masks for any indoor PT or classes since July. We’re happy to share what

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Why Diets Don’t Work

Why Diets Don’t Work You probably know someone right now who is on a special diet. Maybe it’s Keto. Maybe it’s Whole30, or Paleo, or Carnivore, Zone, Intermittent Fasting, counting your macros, or one of the other dozens of diet plans out there. You’ve probably tried something like this yourself! 

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Be One of the Cool Kids

Be One of the Cool Kids I’ll never forget my first fitness competition. I was a young, lanky 26 year old who had really just learned that fitness competitions were a thing. I’d only been practicing barbell lifts for about six months, but as a life long competitor in sports,

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