Personal Training

Personal Training: The fastest way to reach your goals!

Personal training is an excellent option for athletes of all levels. Our private sessions are designed just for you, with your goals, abilities, and likes/dislikes in mind. Simply put — for most people, private training is the fastest way to reach your goals! Through personal training, we’ve helped people do their first ever unassisted pull ups and push ups. We’ve helped them bounce back and recover from cancer. We’ve taught them how to listen to their body, understand their own anatomy, and trust their capabilities. Most of all, we develop strong, caring relationships that help keep our athletes moving even when it’s not easy.

Available in 30 or 60 minute sessions. We can do sessions at our facility, or virtually via Zoom!

PT is especially great for folks who are bouncing back from injury or illness, have an unusual schedule, very specific health needs, or just prefer to work alone with a coach. 

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“Before I started training with Chris, if I needed something from the basement, I would put it off as long as possible because it was so difficult. Now, I do it right away because it’s no problem.
It’s also been awesome working out in the middle of the work day online. It allows me to step away for those 30 minutes, and come back for the rest of the work day more focused and energized. So it’s also improved the quality of my work.”

Sarah H.
Personal Training Client