Breakfast and Blood Sugar: Best Friends for Balance

By Nutrition Coach Rachel I’ve heard time and time again from clients how eating breakfast can be troublesome – and especially on busy days… which are exactly the days our bodies need breakfast! It’s worth the time and effort both immediately and long-term for wellbeing. A couple of key things

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How Undereating Can Inhibit Weight Loss Goals

Posted by Head Nutrition Coach Rachel Ok, so let’s jump right in! As you know, here at Ripple Effect we look at many factors for reaching goals. So just a quick mention that lowering some factors – calories, certain foods, etc. – may seem appealing with the modern diet culture

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How to Build Muscle & Get Stronger

Getting stronger is one of the most common goals we hear at RECF. It makes sense why! Being strong makes life more enjoyable. Everyday tasks are easier. Rigorous activities like hiking, biking, and swimming are more fun when you don’t have to stop for a break every 5 minutes. Keeping

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