What’s the Deal with Macros: Carbohydrate Edition

By Head Nutrition Coach, Rachel 

We hear this term a lot in physical fitness and wellness environments… but what are “macros”? 

First of all, these elements are very important to health however it isn’t the whole story. Our bodies are complex machines that require different forms of nourishment to flourish. We found an infographic to basically make this the easiest way to process the three categories of macros – carbs, proteins and fats. 

Fact: Macronutrients are essential for performing at your best. 

Image source: Getty Images

In our last post on body positivity we briefly talked about the conflicting information that exists in our US society. One of those ideas is that cutting carbohydrates will help you lose weight. False! Your body needs fuel to balance and process and in fact counting carbs could hinder your body and health goals. With nutrition, it isn’t about deprivation but rather crowding out the foods that don’t make us feel good. Our brain and body absolutely need carbohydrates. 

Before making any big changes to your diet when it comes to macros, it can be helpful to assess where you stand right now. 

As Food Network’s Healthy Eats says: Choosing nutrient-dense carbohydrates is key for optimal health. You’ll also want to look for carbs with higher fiber content (3 g or more per serving) and choose foods with lower added sugars.”

Foods to consider are whole grains, fruits and vegetables for plant fiber as well as the option of milk and yogurt. When looking at dairy and plant-based dairy substitutes, consider that that category moves more into a combination of carbohydrates and proteins. What a combo! 

The true bottom line is that figuring out your percentage of macronutrient breakdown is completely unique to YOU! Your own bio-individuality will determine what your macronutrient breakdown is. Many factors are included like age, hormone or gender related composition and activity level. Macros are life.  

Stay tuned for our macronutrient series looking deeper into protein and fats in the next few weeks. 


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