Chris Lomen

Owner, CF-L3

A few years ago, I saw a disturbing trend in the local fitness community. Class sizes were growing larger and larger. The training and professionalism of coaches seemed to shrink by the day. Each class seemed to be a competition to see how many different workouts could be programmed in one hour. Everything I saw seemed to scream “Quantity over quality.”

I wanted something better, for myself and for the clients I worked with. I wanted to focus on Quality. Quality coaching, movement, programming, relationships. I don’t believe More is Better. I believe that Better is Better. I decided there must be a better way. A way to keep the community smaller, and focus on building meaningful relationships and trust with people. To stop the endless churn of losing clients. To intentionally go smaller, instead of bigger. To go a mile deep, instead of a mile wide. I set out to create the gym of my own dreams, and the result is the Ripple Effect. We might not be changing the world on a global level, but we’ll do our best to change the world for our members and our families. In a world full of turmoil and uncertainty, we’re here to be a rock for our members that they can rely on, to be their firm foundation no matter what happens. Outside the gym, I’m a dad to two awesome boys (Jaxson and Luca), an avid Minnesota United fan, and one of those weirdos who actually likes burpees in a workout.

Kathie Smith

Full Time Coach & Chief Happiness Officer

Kathie found fitness later in life yet is enthusiastic about helping others tap into their abilities and reach their goals. An avid trail runner, Kathie is always eager to take on an endurance event. She is a certified First Degree Coach through Two Brain Coaching, attended The Gymnastic Course and keeps striving to further her education as a coach. Kathie loves a long chipper!

Courtney "Corndogg" Downing

Coach, CF-L2, USAW-1

Corndogg is a functional fitness and USAW Olympic Weightlifting coach who loves a heavy barbell and Strongman style workouts. She has a passion for women’s health and is spending her time developing her coaching skills to help women increase their strength during any point in their cycle and life.

Corndogg loves screaming while weightlifting and scaring the person across from her at the gym with her cute lifting faces.

William Lucas

Coach, CF-L1

William is a Ripple Effect veteran, starting out as a member for two years and then seamlessly moving into our coaching staff in 2022. He has a real knack for weightlifting, as an athlete and a coach.

Marie Arch

Coach, CF-L1

Marie loves helping athletes find sustainable and balanced fitness routines that help them gain confidence, power, and energy in all facets of life. Let her help you find that sweet spot between challenging yourself to push harder while also keeping your workouts fun and manageable. Marie enjoys all things gymnastics and mobility.


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