What is Virtuosity?

What is Virtuosity?

Usually when we think of virtuosity, we think of a “virtuoso.” Someone who is insanely talented, at the very top of their profession. Someone who is peerless and unparalleled in their skills. You’re probably picturing a violinist, right? Maybe a renaissance artist? Probably not someone you know.

In everyday life, Virtuosity doesn’t mean you’re the best at everything. It doesn’t mean you have the flashiest skills. It doesn’t mean you can play Mozart blindfolded and upside down. It doesn’t mean you’re literally Mozart.

To us, it’s simple: virtuosity means doing the common, uncommonly well. 

In other words? You’re consistently nailing the basics. 

When it comes to health, most people aren’t paying attention to the most fundamental building blocks — the things that are true for everyone.

Sleeping, eating, moving, and managing stress. Those are the big four categories that are a common thread for all humans. 

Want to be a virtuoso? Get really freaking good at those four things. Do those things uncommonly well, and it will truly be life changing.

If you get enough sleep, eat your veggies, move your body regularly, and practice mindfulness…

You’re going to feel amazing. You’ll have energy, drive, mental toughness, focus, and more bandwidth to handle life’s ups and downs.

So how can you get started?

Take some time to think through each category. What is one SIMPLE step you could take in each area this week to improve?

Here’s an example:

SLEEP: Get 7+ hours of sleep per night

EAT: Eat veggies and lunch and dinner

MOVE: Exercise 20+ minutes per day (even if it’s just walking, stretching, or something else low intensity)

MANAGE: Write down 2 things you’re thankful for 

Then, do it. Track your progress. Tweak each week and repeat. 

Seems pretty doable, right? 

There’s really no substitute for this stuff! No amount of supplements, medications, diets, band aids, or quick fixes will work in the long run. 



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