Opportunity Knocks

Opportunity Knocks

Gyms in MN have re-opened for group classes once again! For many folks this past year has presented a ton of new challenges when it comes to keeping up our fitness routine. Many of us have had to rely on very limited space & equipment. Some of you may not have touched a barbell or pull-up bar since March! 

The good news is…there’s a silver lining to be found here. We have a golden opportunity here to re-learn some of the movements we haven’t done in many months. It’s the perfect time to un-learn some of the bad habits and shortcuts we may have taken to check that next thing off our fitness list. 

Build up those strict pull ups. Practice those hollow holds. Drill your Oly lifts with the PVC and empty bar. 

Think about those movements where you’re in the “I can do it, but it’s not pretty” category. That’s a good place to start.

Take dedicated time to PRACTICE your movements, with the intent to improve the quality. Too often we get fixated on going fast or heavy. At RECF we’re big fans of “For Quality” workouts, not just AMRAPs and 1 rep maxes. 

This is the perfect time to rebuild your movement from the foundations up. It all starts with your mindset. You have to decide for yourself what your priorities are. We encourage you to make quality movement a priority in 2021! 

If you’re looking for an extremely safe, supportive workout environment to get some momentum on your fitness journey, we’d love to meet you! Drop us a note here and let us know how we can help!



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