Little Shifts

Little Shifts, by Coach Alison

What’s the best way to go about making lasting change in your life? Small, consistent habits that build over time are much more reliable than doing a 180 or setting your expectations extremely high.

The idea of building little shifts (or habits) into your routine is just like building a house. To build a strong house, you have a series of steps that you must go through in a specific order. If you had no idea how to build a house and the only instruction I gave you was to build a house, you would probably struggle if I didn’t give you any more guidance.

But, if I laid out the first mini-step to building a house, you could succeed at that one step. Then once you completed the first step, I give you the next one. You don’t take the first mini step away, you simply stack the next step on top. After some time, the sturdy house gets built.
Thankfully building healthy habits is easier than building a house.

If adding movement into your life is a goal, start with doing 5 minutes of movement a couple times a week. Make it easy enough that you are at least 90% successful.

Once that habit becomes second nature to you, make another little shift to build on your foundation. That might look like 5 minutes 3-4 times a week, or 10 minutes twice a week, etc. Before you know it, you’ll have a consistent movement routine that you make time for because of the value you get from it. 

To create your little shifts, start with an honest look at what you do currently. Not as a means to judge where you are, as a way to accurately decide what would be a little shift. For someone that goes to class once a week, a little shift is going to be different than someone who has 3 personal training sessions each week.

Don’t rush to advance: the foundation is such an important step.

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