FIT FOR LIFE: Coming soon at Ripple Effect

FIT FOR LIFE! Coming Soon at Ripple Effect
By Coach Chris

Over the past five years or so, I have had the privilege of coaching both of my parents at my gym. I’m pretty sure they just joined up initially to support my business, with no intent of sticking around for too long. 

Well, the joke’s on them. Here they are all these years later, and their time at the gym has had a huge positive impact on them. My dad says he feels stronger now at 64 than he has at any point in his life! Just the other day I had both of my parents in my Tuesday night class, pulling some heavy deadlifts right alongside their fellow classmates (most of whom are roughly half my parents’ age). 

Because of the time they spend in the gym working on strength, balance, and stamina, they are still able to tackle anything their life throws at them without much help. They recently moved to a new house that has needed a lot of renovation work. They can move their furniture without help. They can spend all day painting without missing a beat. They can run around with their grandkids, getting up and down off the floor with no issues. They can hike at state parks. Generally speaking, they are miles ahead health-wise of where their own parents were at the same age. 

There’s a parallel universe somewhere where my parents didn’t take the opportunity to make their health a priority. I imagine that version of their life in their 60s to include a lot more chronic illness and medications, joint replacements, less mobility, and generally a lot less fun. 

The moral of the story? It’s never too late to move your health to the top of your priority list. Time and time again, we help folks do this for the first time, and the results across all areas of their life are astounding. Focusing on their fitness makes their whole lives more enjoyable. That’s the Ripple Effect! 

To help even MORE folks like my parents take their first steps towards a fitter, more enjoyable future, we are launching a new program this fall called FIT FOR LIFE.

Fit for Life is a program designed for folks over 50, or anyone else who is a beginner on their fitness journey. We’ll focus on increasing strength, improving balance and range of motion, and building some meaningful relationships in the process. The 8-week program begins on Monday, September 13th! Only 8 spots are available for this small group program.

You deserve a shot at being the healthiest, most capable version of yourself, regardless of how far you are past your 29th birthday. We can help! Click here to sign up for a Free Intro Session to learn more and reserve your spot in the program. 


Starts Monday, Sept 13th for 2 months

Classes meet M/W/F @ 3pm at Ripple Effect 

Also includes restorative yoga on Sunday mornings. 

Cost is $170/month per person

Can’t make these times, or looking for private training? We can help with that too! Sign up for a Free Intro Session to learn more.



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