Breakfast and Blood Sugar: Best Friends for Balance

By Nutrition Coach Rachel

I’ve heard time and time again from clients how eating breakfast can be troublesome – and especially on busy days… which are exactly the days our bodies need breakfast! It’s worth the time and effort both immediately and long-term for wellbeing. A couple of key things to keep in mind:

  • Yes, if you aren’t used to eating breakfast, it can take the body a little time to adjust to a new routine
  • Start small and balanced like a piece of toast, nut butter, a piece of fruit and a hard boiled egg… these can also be snacked on over the morning and easily taken with you to your desk as needed

Basically we want to fill the tank before driving the car! A sustained energy balance throughout the day can benefit by:

  • Balancing mood and lessen effects of stress
  • Increasing focus and mental clarity
  • Benefiting immune response
  • Maximizing benefits from gym time (before and after)
  • Weight management
  • Decreases risk of many other uncomfortable health situations over time

So… this is your reminder to start the week with strength! We will see you at the gym. 



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