Client Stories: Ruth K.

Ruth is a Ripple Effect OG. She was doing personal training with Coach Chris for about 5 months, before RECF had even found a space! She’s also incredibly thoughtful, kind, and makes us laugh constantly. We’ve seen her make amazing progress in her strength, mobility, and confidence over the past 18 months through a mix of personal training and group classes.

We asked her to share her Ripple Effect story. Here’s what she had to say!

“Prior to Personal Training with Chris (which I count as Ripple Effect), workout time was spent emphasizing quantity — quantity of movement, quantity of volume, beating prior scores or reaching toward some arbitrary measure of “authentic” or “valid” workout. I listened to my body, but only for the louder exclamations of pain or shouts of limitations and abilities. At Ripple Effect, the culture and coaching has encouraged me to listen to my body’s quieter statements, its whispers from supporting muscle groups and songs of range of motion. 

I’ve also gained greater appreciation for accessory work, which I think goes hand-in-hand with dialing in to more refined skills and movement and playing out in my interest in barefoot training, training on a squishy mat/camping mat. With Ripple Effect, I feel safe to admit what I’m not good at or just not designed for (looking at you, squats) but I’ll try anyway, recognizing that *my* best is all I can offer. The inclusivity of the gym is a huge factor in creating this safe space. I also feel actively encouraged to let myself embrace what I’m inherently good at, which for me is getting cerebral with my workouts and recognizing that “better” isn’t just measured in quantity.”



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