Will Lifting Weights Make Me Too Bulky?

Will Lifting Weights Make Me Too Bulky? by Coach Chris

This is a common question we get from new clients when they come in for an intro session, and see our barbells hanging out in the rack. There seems to be a misconception that as soon as you lift a barbell, you suddenly turn into a greased up, spray-tanned hypermuscular bodybuilder with veins popping out everywhere. 

We hate to break it to you, but this actually doesn’t happen. Will you build lean, toned muscle? Yes. Will you swell up like a meat balloon and suffer from ‘roid rage issues? No.

Saying you don’t want to lift weights because you might accidentally get too muscular, is like saying “I don’t want to go to the driving range, I might accidentally become a pro golfer and have to join the PGA.” It must be nice for things to come so easy to you! 

Building massive amounts of muscle like a bodybuilder or elite fitness athlete takes serious, intentional effort. It doesn’t just happen accidentally, or from a basic fitness routine. They’re on a high calorie mass building diet, with a demanding workout regimen that takes hours every day. Genetics play a big role here as well. Some people naturally put on muscle far easier than others. For the vast majority of people, becoming “too bulky” is simply not a realistic concern when it comes to incorporating weightlifting into your workouts. 

So what actually happens to you, when you start lifting weights regularly?

First, and most obviously, you get stronger. Resistance training is hugely beneficial for basic strength, bone density, and joint health! Carrying in all 10 grocery bags in one trip will feel way easier. Hefting your toddler up the stairs won’t feel so taxing. That pesky jar of pickles you can never seem to open, will eventually become a breeze. Regularly hitting the basic lifts like squats, deadlifts, and presses will make you stronger from head to toe, and help prevent injury. And yes, you will build some noticeable lean muscle! 

Second, you’ll have a blast. Lifting weights is seriously fun! The majority of our members had never touched a barbell before joining our gym. Now, our Barbell Club class is consistently our most well-attended and sought after class every single week. Our folks LOVE heavy lifting days. It just feels good to lift heavy stuff, especially in a supportive environment that is focused on making gains in your physical capabilities, not just your physical appearance.

Third, you’ll build confidence. You’ll start to realize that you’re stronger than you thought. You’ll become more coordinated,  and overall just have a better relationship with your own body. This sort of confidence carries over into many other aspects of your life. 

Just ask any of our members how they feel about lifting weights. It’s just one of those things you have to experience for yourself. Don’t bash it until you’ve tried it! Lifting weights isn’t just for “bros” anymore. You might be missing out on the love of your life…



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