Systemic Racism in Criminal Justice: A Chat With A Public Defender

Today we had the opportunity to chat via Zoom with one of our longtime members, Veronica. She has been a public defender in Minnesota for about 10 years, and is someone who truly walks the walk. She’s been an outspoken advocate for racial justice for as long as we’ve known her.

Her years as a PD have given her valuable insight into the workings of the US criminal justice system and policing. At each step in the process, there are serious issues with racial bias. This results in more arrests, longer sentences, harsher fines, and significantly worse overall outcomes for people of color. Check out the video for more on what’s happening, and what we can do about it!


RECF 2023 Pride Apparel

We’ve got some awesome new Pride-themed apparel coming in hot! In an effort to try to get the shirts in before Pride weekend at the

Body Positivity: A Golden Rule

By Head Nutrition Coach, Rachel When it comes to body positivity, the term can be said easier than it can be embodied by most people.


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