Self Care When You Need It The Most

by Nutrition Coach Rachel

With the holidays comes excitement and movement. We’ve put together 4 easy reminders to align with yourself as the festivities and daily life unroll this season. Make these your own as you read! Trust your intuition to guide you during busy times.

  1. Set boundaries: Map out timelines for activities and be open with your family and friends about how much energy you have and commitments on your plate. Communication is a cornerstone for preserving energy and utilizing it with intentionality, especially with yourself! 
  1. Take breaks: Yes is it absolutely cold outside but maybe pop out for a quick walk for some fresh air. Excuse yourself from the table – so to speak – and allow the energetics of your holiday space to reset… remember, we’re all in this together and we have to do self check-ins before deeper connection with others.
  1. Rest as needed: Take an electronics break from your phone or screens, put your feet up or simply take a nice mid day stretch when you get a few moments for selfcare. 
  1. Check in with loved ones: Connection can be so healing. Send a note or give a call to someone who fuels your spirit or may be in need of a little uplift from you. When we care for others, often we can allow our minds to rest from any internal worries we may have.

We will see you in the gym!



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