Ripple Effect Leadership in Fitness Scholarship

We are so excited to announce a new initiative at Ripple Effect: our Leadership in Fitness Scholarship!

We’re awarding a $500 scholarship to a BIPOC college student who is studying health & fitness, and wants to make a positive impact on their community.

For more details and info about why we’re doing this, you can check out the scholarship page on our website, which also has the application.

Our sincere hope with this scholarship is that we can help reduce racial disparities in health outcomes and trainer representation, by supporting the education of young people of color who are interested in a career in fitness. We want to make the path to becoming a fitness professional easier, to help the next generation of trainers make their community healthier & happier.

Our sincerest thank you to our Ripple Effect members, whose support of the gym makes this scholarship possible.

If you have ideas of how to get this scholarship application out into the world for folks to find and use, please send us an email! [email protected]


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