Intro to Integrative Nutrition Coaching: Elevate Your Health!

by Rachel, Head Nutrition Coach

We know you’ve been curious, so here is a quick intro to illuminate how our Nutrition offerings will benefit you. Integrative Nutrition and Holistic Health approaches are quickly making way into our lives to guide us to meet our goals. And thank goodness! Life is intertwined daily with multiple areas of focus – work, personal care, family time and community – so it makes sense that we’d look at life with a holistic view to encompass all aspects. So when we look into nutrition and health coaching – both as the client and the coach – it’s a must to address sleep, daily schedule flow, stress levels, movement and much more in addition to just nutrition, meal planning and home cooking projects to sustain your goals. 

This is exactly why at Ripple Effect Community Fitness we look at the whole person for our Nutrition Coaching Programs. As we continue to grow and elevate our offerings, we hold a holistic approach as a cornerstone. 

There are so many approaches to diet, nutrition and nutrient management for various lifestyles around the globe. It’s important to have a coach that is educated in these areas to be able to find what works for you as an individual. 

Discovering your own bio-individuality is the name of the game for optimal results by way of feeling joy and accomplishment through your process of coaching, accountability and follow through. Take a moment to ask yourself… how do I want to feel?

Write down the first thing that comes to mind – it can be a word, feeling, etc. – then allow yourself to truly feel that feeling. That’s our goal for coaching, to learn more about what works for your lifestyle and integrate new tools into your routine. We get there by way of steps that are doable, comfortable and at your pace to create lasting results. 

‘Today’ is always a great day to start!

For a coaching discovery call or to get started with our signature Nutrition Coaching Program, email our Head Nutrition Coach at [email protected]



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