Hydration Station: 3 Goods to Inspire Your H2O Intake

Posted by Head Nutrition Coach, Rachel

When it comes to water intake and hydration, it’s so important to stay inspired and to set yourself up for success. By having fun options available for you to choose from, your routine is made easy by accessibility and low time commitment while taking great care of your health needs.

Why is hydration important? Water is a vital component for health (as we know!). We need to stay hydrated in order for our mind and body to function properly for nutrient absorption, natural and daily detoxification and vitality or feeling your best. It’s a primary life line… especially when movement increases. Staying properly hydrated can ease brain fog and physical discomfort as well. Which we all need!

Check out these goods:

  1. Fruit / Herb Water Pitcher… There are a couple of options here that can provide tasty and refreshing water infused with herbs like cilantro, cucumber slices, berries and more. Highlight options  include at home size pitchers and portable water bottles to take with you throughout the day. 
  1. Citrus juicer! Pick up this kitchen staple to make adding lemon or lime to your water a breeze. I suggest the handheld version that can be found in any kitchen section and even most grocery stores in the produce or tool aisles. 
  1. 32 oz. Yeti w/ Straw… not only wonderful to have easy access to sip water throughout the day but also great for smoothies on the go. Grab one of these for summer to keep your beverages cool and ready for your enjoyment. 

The suggested daily intake – which will vary some for your bio-individuality – is 6-8 glasses of 8 oz. per day for adults… by sipping water and throughout the day, the body can properly absorb and disperse the elements needed areas of the body. When we drink too much water at one time, not only is it quite possible to feel physically uncomfortable but also troublesome for the body to optimally keep fuel moving to keep you going. 

So let’s drink up!

Here are a new recipes for infused water.



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