How Undereating Can Inhibit Weight Loss Goals

Posted by Head Nutrition Coach Rachel

Ok, so let’s jump right in! As you know, here at Ripple Effect we look at many factors for reaching goals. So just a quick mention that lowering some factors – calories, certain foods, etc. – may seem appealing with the modern diet culture we encounter, it isnt the best approach for everyone.

When you undereat, your body goes into starvation mode and decreases your metabolism to try to protect you. 

It can also cause inflammation from being stressed out and cause extreme fatigue. There is a lot of science behind weight loss and everyone’s situation is unique. That is why it is so important to work with nutrition coaches, nutritionists and registered dieticiens who take your unique situation into account and create a plan that will work for your body.  

2 key takeaways:  

  •  – Undereating during the day often leads to overeating at night. Afterwards, you feel terrible and repeat this harmful cycle over and over again. It’s important to eat enough during the day and the right combination of foods in order to curb cravings at night. 
  • – Eating more is sometimes what you need. You didn’t expect to hear that, right? Often it’s been found that people will undereat and often eat the wrong foods for their unique body. Once we learn more about ourselves and understand what foods would help fuel the body best, you can actually eat more in order to lose weight.


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