How to Get Your Body “Summer Ready”

How to Get Your Body “Summer Ready”

Over our years of fitness and nutrition coaching, we’ve developed a secret formula to help you get your body ready for the beach this summer! 

Here it is:

Your body is already “beach ready”. Right now. The way it is. Every day.

One of the most toxic pieces of fitness culture revolves around dieting, aesthetics, and comparison. The idea that there’s a specific size and shape that you need to be, to be good enough, or to look acceptable. Social media doesn’t help — many, many “fitness models” and “influencers” online use photos that are heavily edited, to the point that the looks portrayed are utterly impossible to attain. 

This is an extremely harmful side of fitness culture that “fit pros” prey on all the time, especially with female audiences. 

“Make your body bikini-ready!”

“Lose those stretch marks!”

“Burn off that cellulite!” 

Wear a bikini if you want to. Wear a burlap sack, or a kimono, or a tuxedo. Wear what makes you happy. You don’t have to let others decide for you. 

Stretch marks and cellulite are things that normal human beings have,that generally people have little or no control over, that we have been brainwashed to think are ugly or undesirable. The truth is, at least 90% of women over the age of 25 have cellulite somewhere on their bodies. Even professional athletes!

We’re not here to perpetuate the idea that exercise is just a way to get the “right” shape. You’re not going to see “before & after” pictures in our social media. You’re going to see bodies of all shapes and sizes, working hard and having fun. You’ll hear about our member’s accomplishments, healthy habits, and stories of overcoming obstacles.

It’s not about attaining the “right” shape or the “attractive” shape. But it is about getting IN shape. For us, it’s about meeting your body where it’s at, and working to increase your capabilities, your confidence, and your overall health. 

The optimal size and shape is different for every human. We’re here to help you find BALANCE. We want to help you find the right harmony between your nutrition, your activity level, and your physical and mental health so you can thrive.

At Ripple Effect, transformation happens all the time. We help people get healthier, happier, and more well-rounded as a person. It’s about sustainability, longevity, and quality of life. 

This is real fitness, for real humans. You can be yourself here. We’ll help bring out the best in you! 

Don’t believe us? Here’s a quote from a current member:

“I’ve suffered from disordered eating for my entire life and the obsessive dieting culture that surrounds most gyms has been rough for me, to say the least. I loved powerlifting but there’s a huge emphasis on diet and supplements there and it was so stressful to try to plan meals and count macros, and I enjoy rock climbing casually but I feel like an outsider in that community as a fat woman whose progress is hindered by my weight. I appreciate all of you so much for making RECF a different sort of gym where I can feel like I truly belong.”

Author’s note: 

We realize that for some people body image issues are very serious and require professional help to overcome. We do not mean to trivialize anyone’s experience. We’re not claiming to cure any mental health issues. We are trying to provide a safe place for anyone to work out without worrying about their appearance. 



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