Holidays + Bone Broth: Up Level Flavor & Good Feelings

by Rachel, Lead Nutrition Coach

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… and we want you to feel your absolute best! So we have one very simple way to boost your protein to have a balance of energy with the festive delectable sweet treats. 

Holidays are a time for gathering with friends, family and community – so it’s important to truly allow joy into your life by enjoying the offerings of gratitude shared – which means not skipping a few of the festive sweet delights that happen to make their appearance in the upcoming months. 

So we have two words. Bone. Broth. A beautiful way to boost brain support, nourish muscles and body tissue, as well as satiate the cells to feel hydrated and full of energy. 

Top Two How-To:

  • Add bone broth to any grain prep, gravy mixes and anytime a recipe calls for a broth to be used such as soups and casserole dishes… this will up level flavor and create a well rounded nutrient density 
  • Get a quality sipping bone broth as a breakfast starter or to sip on as you meal prep.. This will help to avoid snacking and hunger from your beautiful meals before it’s time to sit at the table

Pro tip: Make your own bone broth post holiday cooking with leftover poultry bones and save vegetable scraps and leftover herbs (dried is fine too) to add in for a bonus flavor and nutrients. An option for a recipe we found that you may enjoy… Also, store bought is perfect for cooking as a semi-home made style which is fast and efficient. If possible, go with an organic option to ensure a cleaner quality. 

We also found a beautiful Plant Based Broth Recipe for those avoiding animal protein that’s rich in minerals.   

You’ll thank us later. Happy Holidays! 



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