Healthful Spring Holidays: A Few Keys for Success

It can be so easy to feel pressure around foods during holidays. Spring holidays are no different! We’ve put together a few general go-to tips to feel well rounded in nutrition while enjoying the festivities and special occasion treats.

Eat whole fruits. Fruits provide fiber which adds bulk to our meals and helps fill our stomach. Fruits have gotten a bad rap from low carbohydrate diets but our bodies need carbohydrates. Fruits also provide micronutrients that our bodies need for overall health such as skin and hair health.

Vary your vegetables. Similar to fruit, vegetables are a great source of fiber for our bodies without adding a lot of calories. It’s important to eat a variety because of the diversity of micronutrients found in vegetables. Orange vegetables like carrots and sweet potatoes offer certain nutrients, while dark leafy vegetables add other nutrients. 

Vary your protein. Protein helps keep us full and helps maintain lean muscle mass. We want to lose weight, but not the muscle. Just like fruits and vegetables, different proteins offer us different micronutrients. 

Whole grains. Grains help keep us full and provide that satisfaction and feeling of fullness. Whole grains offer more fiber than refined grains and make us feel fuller longer.  

See you at the Gym!

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