Healthful Holiday Eats: All You Need To Know… keep it simple!

Protein and Produce… your key to a more healthful holiday.

By Nutrition Coach Rachel

While navigating the holiday season, always have a go-to thought of “where is my produce?” and “where is my protein?”. There is no shortage of starches and grains in a Western diet and we promise they will fall into place delightfully so. Remembering your produce and protein goals is a great way to feel like you are getting back towards your overall health goals. This season of gathering and into the new year. Produce will quickly get healthy digestion where it needs to be, while protein will help keep you full.

Keep it simple! And be kind to yourself. You will not derail your progress by having a couple of treats here and there and enjoying time with those who are important to you. You’ve got this!

Revisit our blog post on bone broth for easy protein tips.


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