Gyms for Justice

Dear community members, 

Since the murder of George Floyd, it has become apparent that every facet of our lives needs to include anti-racism work. This includes the businesses we frequent, and the businesses we run. 

As small business owners, we know that our decisions directly impact our customers and our surrounding community. It is imperative that we build anti-racist practices into our daily efforts to make sure that the impact we have is positive and that we reduce the harm of white supremacy.

Gyms for Justice is made up of Solcana Fitness, TwinTown Fitness, North Strong, The Power House MN, Ripple Effect Community Fitness, Skopos Athletics & CrossFit Minnetonka. 

Our cooperative of gyms will be working with Team Dynamics to receive training and build long-term plans that we can implement in our businesses to address racial inequity and create more accessible spaces. 

Oct 2020 through May 2021 we will be participating in weekly accountability meetings, monthly training with Team Dynamics and personal bias assessments. Team Dynamics will be looking at every part of our businesses to help us root out practices based in White Supremacy, so we can identify our shortcomings and work to correct them. 

We want to be transparent to our community members that this process is going to be challenging. We will make every effort to be transparent about our plans, our outcomes, and more importantly our commitment to doing the work. 


Chris Lomen (RECF)

Hannah Wydeven (Solcana Fitness)

Greg Berube & Brianna Gustafson (Skopos Athletics)

Jill & Max Lipset (The Power House)

Peter Bekke & Brock Harling (TwinTown Fitness)

Chen Levy, Greg Lane & Nick Mathew (CrossFit Minnetonka)



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