So how does this work?

STEP 1: Sign up for a Free No-Sweat Intro Session
You’ll meet one on one with a Ripple Effect coach, to discuss your current health & fitness, and your goals for the future. We’ll help you put together a plan of attack to get you where you want to be! Everyone we meet has different goals, starting points, preferences, and fears. Starting with a conversation about these things helps us ensure we start you on the right path from day 1!

STEP 2: Choose your 90 Day Journey
All new members start off with a 90 Day Journey. We offer several tried and true options depending on whether you prefer group classes, personal training, or a mix of both. We’ve taken all of our learnings over the years about what really works to help folks get started on the right foot, and stick with it for the long run.

All of our 90 Day Journeys begin with four personal training sessions, called On Ramp. We’ll use this super valuable one on one time to get you comfortable in the space, teach you some of our basic movements, and get a feel for where you are as an athlete. You’ll also sit down for a one hour Nutrition Power Hour session with one of our certified nutrition coaches to help you determine what to focus on outside the gym.

Once you finish On Ramp, you’ll either continue on with personal training sessions, coach-led group classes, or a mix of both for the remainder of your 90 Day Journey. Regardless of which route you choose, you’ll be surrounded by coaches and community who will support you, encourage you, and help you make your health a priority in your life.

STEP 3: 90-Day Goal Review
Congrats, you’ve made it through your 90 Day Journey! At this point, you’ll sit down with one of our coaches to talk about what’s next for you. Are you happy with your results so far? Have your goals changed since you started? What do you need help with? We’ll work together to plan out your next 90 days and beyond, so you can keep the good times rolling with a month to month membership plan.

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