Early Spring Wellness: Journal Prompts

We’re two months into the year and winter is still strong and steady here in Minnesota. As a little support, here are a few journal prompts to check in on your health goals and rekindle inspiration. 

Take a few moments to jot down whatever comes forward without pressure! Or sit with the question(s) as you move through the week. Pick one or pick more that you relate to.

  1. What are three small things you can do for your health and wellness goals this week? The simpler the better!
  1. Envision how you want to feel by the end of next month. What is one step to move you towards that goal you can commit to each week?
  1. What is one thing you can commit to today to move towards your goals? Take a class at the gym, another glass of water, etc. 
  1. Reflect on three things that made you feel better about your goals – personal, professional, etc. – since the New Year. How will you encourage yourself to continue?
  1. Finish this sentence: By the time the snow melts, I will have…. 

See you in the gym! 



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