Coming Soon: The Healthy Habits Kickstart

We’re starting a 4 week Healthy Habits Kickstart on March 1st and it’s a great opportunity for both members and non-members to develop healthy habits that will help the rest of your 2021 and well beyond!

Have you picked up some less-than-ideal habits during the pandemic? Do you know someone that has mentioned having a rough time with nutrition? Have you heard a friend or family member talk about changing their habits but not feeling up to the shift on their own? The Healthy Habits Kickstart is the perfect way to get started on a path towards better habits.

The Kickstart is $99 (just under $25 a week) and includes all of this:

  • A one-on-one call at the start to go over goals
  • A group Zoom call to discuss the program before it starts
  • A supportive private Facebook group
  • Daily reminders and trackers through a dedicated habit tracking app
  • Daily education about what habits to make, and why
  • Another one-on-one call to wrap the program up

The real benefit? We’ll teach you how to make real, lasting positive changes to your health — and make it feel easy! Many small steps over time lead us to huge changes. Often times we just need some help getting pointed in the right direction, and a little nudge to take the first steps forward. The Kickstart will do both. 

Sign up here:

If you have any questions about the kickstart or if it would be a good fit for someone, please email Coach Alison ( . This 4 week program is open to both RECF members and non-members since we are able to do the calls and share information virtually. 

We’re confident signing up for this will be the best decision you’ve made in 2021 so far! The Kickstart begins March 1st, so get yourself signed up ASAP! 

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