Change is Hard — Be Ready For Resistance

Change is Hard — Be Ready For Resistance

by Coach Chris

Newton’s Third Law of Physics states “For every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction.”

In other words — when you try to change something, you’re going to experience resistance. Friction. Conflict. Hardships. Sometimes it feels like the harder you try, the more things seem to go wrong.

The bigger the life change you’re trying to make, the more resistance you’ll face. Some of the challenges are self-imposed, like doubt or anxiety. Sometimes the resistance is from others — your family, societal norms, maybe even the laws or city code.

If you’re embarking on a journey of change, whether it’s with your family, career, or health — you MUST be ready to face challenges. Expect resistance, and maybe even embrace it — because often this means you’re on the right track. As the saying goes…nothing good ever came easily.

Last year I took a big leap of faith by leaving my previous gym. Without going into detail, I had trapped myself into a situation that had effectively reached a plateau, with no ending in sight. To many people it was a big surprise that I left. I’m sure a lot of people thought (and still think!) I’m an idiot for parting ways. Right or wrong, I knew I had more to offer, and I wanted more, so I went off on my own to start a new gym.

Here I am, 7 months later, without a space to call my own yet. I had all the pieces in place within a month of leaving my old gym, but the Commercial Real Estate Gods have proven impossible to please so far. Rejection, anxiety, and frustration have done their best to beat me down into giving up. My significant action (leaving my old gym), caused an equal and opposite reaction in the universe (not being able to find a space). It’s just the way of the world.

So how do you keep going, when it feels like you’re stuck running in place against the weight of the world?

You have to keep your feet moving. Take action every single day, so at the very least, you’re not losing ground. Imperfect action is always better than waiting for the perfect opportunity, timing, or situation that probably will never come. And even if the perfect thing does come along — if you’re caught flat-footed, it might pass you by before you even realize it.

Second — you may need to alter your direction to make positive progress. Where you end up, and where you thought you were going, may not always sync up in the end — but that can be a good thing. In your efforts to get to Point A, you might pass through Point B and realize it fits your needs even better than your original intention. LIke a sailboat going against the wind, sometimes you have to zigzag and take a bit of a circuitous course, to get where you want to be.

For me this has meant taking my training to the online space. If i can’t bring people to me, through a physical gym space — I’m going to take my training to them, wherever they’re at. I can’t force a landlord to give me a chance. Instead, I’m building online training platforms to help people NOW, anywhere in the world. It’s a business and fitness opportunity that I had never really considered, until it became obvious that I either figure out a way to make a living with the things I DO have now, or go back to working for someone else in a situation I don’t enjoy.

Sometimes you learn to swim by getting shoved into a pool. Is it ideal? No. A little risky? Yep. But very motivating to succeed!

The last point i want to make is this: If you’re embarking on a big life change, make sure you surround yourself with the right people. You don’t have to do this alone. Chances are, there’s already people out there who have done exactly what you’re trying to do. Seek them out, and learn from them. When I decided to pivot to the online training business, I sought out a business coach who has done exactly what I’m looking to do. He’s helped me lay out goals, assemble a plan of attack, and given me proven templates to get results. I know how to get people fit, but he knows how to connect me with the people who need my help in a sustainable way.

With attempts at change, comes resistance. Expect it, and keep taking small actions every single day, and you’ll come through the other side successfully. I believe in you.

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