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Rest Day Rundown: What’s a rest day? Do I need one?

Rest Day Rundown  By Coach Chris We got a great question from one of our members this week about rest days. She wanted to know:  “What should I do on a rest day? How do I find balance between pushing myself and recovering? Sometimes I feel guilty for missing a

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Mowing the Lawn While the House Is On Fire

Mowing the Lawn While the House Burns Downby Coach Chris I had someone ask recently about taking a supplement to help them sleep better at night. They were tired all the time, and felt like they weren’t getting restful sleep. When I asked for more information, it became clear that

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Advice for New CrossFitters, Part 3: Scaling is not a crime

Chase the Stimulus: Embrace Scaling One of the things that has kept me coming back to CrossFit for the past seven years, is that there’s always something new I can work on or strive for. An especially alluring concept is being able to complete the “Rx” version of a workout

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Advice for new CrossFitters, Part 2: Mindset is Everything

Last week, Coach Chris walked us through why quality outweighs quantity when it comes to your training. Check that article out here if you missed it! Mindset is everything. One of the more difficult aspects of our fitness journey to improve is our mindset. We can have the best intentions,

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Ripple Effect Member Promises

Ripple Effect Member Promises We’re just days away from opening our doors for our first ever class! Before things get extra crazy and we begin this new journey as a community, it’s important for us to share our Member Promises with the world. These are three key guarantees that we

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Ripple Effect Core Values, Part 1: Quality Coaching

Coach Chris here! Over the coming weeks as we prepare to open Ripple Effect in our new space, I’d like to shed some light on the goals, beliefs, and core values that will drive everything we do in the gym, and the decisions I make as a business owner and

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