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The Gym For People Who Hate Gyms

The Gym For People Who Hate Gyms, by Coach Chris In high school, I participated in a summer training program for hockey players that included some time in the weight room at the rink. I had never used any of the machines. I’d never touched a barbell or dumbbell before. I

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How We’re Keeping Our Members Safe

How We’re Keeping Our Members Safe Somehow, caring about other people’s safety has become a controversial and political issue in 2020.  Concern for our coaches and athletes, and their families, is not even a question for us. It’s the most important thing, period. Nobody is expendable for the sake of

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Inclusivity in the Gym

This week Coach Chris sat down with fellow gym owner Hannah Wydeven, owner of Solcana Fitness in Minneapolis. Hannah’s gym is a shining example for other owners in the fitness place for what it means to actually be inclusive. Her gym is filled with folks of different ages, ethnicities, and

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Member Stories: Marta Z.

Marta has been a member of RECF since last fall. She’s a constant ray of sunshine in the gym (and on Zoom) who is quick to smile, always works hard, and is just a joy to have around. A former rugby player, it took a while to find a fitness

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Will Lifting Weights Make Me Too Bulky?

Will Lifting Weights Make Me Too Bulky? by Coach Chris This is a common question we get from new clients when they come in for an intro session, and see our barbells hanging out in the rack. There seems to be a misconception that as soon as you lift a barbell,

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Father’s Day Thoughts: My Dad’s Role in RECF

Father’s Day Thoughts: My Dad’s Role in RECF Growing up, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to try tons of different sports. Baseball, basketball, ice hockey, swim team, diving, soccer, roller hockey, and probably half a dozen other’s I’ve forgotten over the years.  For many of those sports,

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Client Stories: Ruth K.

Ruth is a Ripple Effect OG. She was doing personal training with Coach Chris for about 5 months, before RECF had even found a space! She’s also incredibly thoughtful, kind, and makes us laugh constantly. We’ve seen her make amazing progress in her strength, mobility, and confidence over the past

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