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What My FitBit Taught Me About Sleep

Over the summer I bought myself a FitBit Versa 3 wearable fitness tracker. These smart watches have been around for many years now, but I never took the plunge on buying one. I decided to give it a try this year, since so many of my clients have them and

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Parents: It’s OK to Prioritize Yourself

Parents are always supposed to put their kids first. Right?  I’m going to go ahead and disagree with that.  As parents we’re ingrained with the idea that we’re supposed to ignore our own needs to make sure our kids have all our attention and energy.  But…YOU have needs, too!  There’s

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Meet Our First Scholarship Recipient!

Last fall we announced our new scholarship program, the Ripple Effect Leadership in Fitness scholarship. Our intent was to provide $500 in financial assistance to a BIPOC college student who is pursuing a career in health & fitness. You can read more about the “Why” on the scholarship page. We’re

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Lessons Learned Postpartum

Today we have a special guest blog, written by RECF member Lianna Cotant! She’ll recap some of her biggest learnings from her recent postpartum experience. Lessons Learned Postpartum, by Lianna Cotant My second child, the first I’ve birthed, was born a little over a year ago. These past two years

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FIT FOR LIFE: Coming soon at Ripple Effect

FIT FOR LIFE! Coming Soon at Ripple EffectBy Coach Chris Over the past five years or so, I have had the privilege of coaching both of my parents at my gym. I’m pretty sure they just joined up initially to support my business, with no intent of sticking around for

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Let’s Do Better

Let’s Do Better. by Coach Chris If you went anywhere near your social media yesterday, you probably noticed it was Martin Luther King Jr. Day in the USA. Everybody and their mother was posting MLK quotes on Instagram. That in itself isn’t a problem. However, most of these quotes were

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All About Lifting Belts

All About Lifting Belts This week we got a great question from one of our members: When should you wear a lifting belt? As with any piece of optional equipment, the answer to the question “Should I use it?” is…it depends!  We’ll start off with the basics. A lifting belt

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The Gym For People Who Hate Gyms

The Gym For People Who Hate Gyms, by Coach Chris In high school, I participated in a summer training program for hockey players that included some time in the weight room at the rink. I had never used any of the machines. I’d never touched a barbell or dumbbell before. I

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How We’re Keeping Our Members Safe

How We’re Keeping Our Members Safe Somehow, caring about other people’s safety has become a controversial and political issue in 2020.  Concern for our coaches and athletes, and their families, is not even a question for us. It’s the most important thing, period. Nobody is expendable for the sake of

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