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Don’t t Rely on the Lifeguard to Save You

Imagine life is a pool. Or maybe more accurately, an ocean. Sometimes it’s calm and peaceful, and sometimes it’s tumultuous and it takes everything you have to hold your head above water. No matter who you are, if you want to make it through the storms and keep swimming, there

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“Does exercise make it harder to lose weight?”

By Coach Chris, CF-L2, PN-1 This week, a friend of mine texted me this question:  “Is it true that exercising makes it harder to lose weight?” She had been commenting on a post about weight loss & exercise in a Facebook group for physicians, and one of the other commenters

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There’s a place for you here.

We see you. Maybe you have to shoo away your daughter at the park. “Mommy’s knee hurts too much to play right now. Maybe next time.” Maybe you’re sitting at the doctor’s office, hearing that you need to change things or you won’t live to see your kids finish high

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Pump the Brakes! The case for slower eating

By Coach Chris (CF-L2, PN 1) Many of us eat our meals on the go — in the car, at our desk while we work, in front of the TV or computer, for example. We’re not giving a thought to how we’re eating, we’re just trying to get it done

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What does it mean to give 100% effort?

“Always give it your best effort!”“Go 100% today!” If you’ve been around any CrossFit gym, you’ve undoubtedly heard your coach or fellow athletes use these phrases. But we don’t often talk about or understand what this really means. So let’s break it down! For starters, it’s important to note that

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Rest Day Rundown: What’s a rest day? Do I need one?

Rest Day Rundown  By Coach Chris We got a great question from one of our members this week about rest days. She wanted to know:  “What should I do on a rest day? How do I find balance between pushing myself and recovering? Sometimes I feel guilty for missing a

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