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Will Lifting Weights Make Me Too Bulky?

Will Lifting Weights Make Me Too Bulky? by Coach Chris This is a common question we get from new clients when they come in for an intro session, and see our barbells hanging out in the rack. There seems to be a misconception that as soon as you lift a barbell,

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Father’s Day Thoughts: My Dad’s Role in RECF

Father’s Day Thoughts: My Dad’s Role in RECF Growing up, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to try tons of different sports. Baseball, basketball, ice hockey, swim team, diving, soccer, roller hockey, and probably half a dozen other’s I’ve forgotten over the years.  For many of those sports,

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Client Stories: Ruth K.

Ruth is a Ripple Effect OG. She was doing personal training with Coach Chris for about 5 months, before RECF had even found a space! She’s also incredibly thoughtful, kind, and makes us laugh constantly. We’ve seen her make amazing progress in her strength, mobility, and confidence over the past

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Your New Gym

At this point in this current pandemic, many people are finding themselves in one of two situations; You have concerns about returning to your previous gym due to safety concerns You haven’t been exercising and this pandemic has shown you how important it is to start to make your health

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Who We Want at RECF

Who We Want at Ripple Effect The COVID pandemic illustrated for all of us how incredibly important our physical health is. Healthy, fit humans are less likely to get sick, more resilient when they do get sick, and generally enjoy a much higher quality of life. Chronic disease sucks, especially

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Why I Started Ripple Effect

Why I Started Ripple Effect, by Coach Chris It’s officially been one year since our first class at Ripple Effect! On June 13th we had our first group classes. Bike, burpees, squats, and pull ups. It was an awesome day! One year later, it’s been quite a ride. A pandemic,

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Keep Moving That Dirt: Fitness During a Pandemic

This pandemic is a major life event for all of us. It’s thrown our schedules, activities, relationships, and everyday life into a completely different track, with little warning. Similar to a new child, a new job, moving, a death in the family, or a painful break up, this will have

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