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 5 Detox Myths Demystified

Posted by Head Nutrition Coach Rachel Detox doesn’t mean deprivation. Period.  There are many versions of cleansing that diet culture advertises, whether that’s looking like a week off sugar, a three-day juice cleanse, or even an extreme fasting retreat. Yet, detoxing is widely misunderstood—and should be about so much more

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How to Set New Years Goals for You!

by Head Nutrition Coach Rachel With the 2023 here, new year’s resolutions are fresh in mind as plans and ideas begin to come forward. We begin to anticipate the opportunities that a big milestone event like a brand new year can bring! We want to kick it off right –

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Self Care When You Need It The Most

by Nutrition Coach Rachel With the holidays comes excitement and movement. We’ve put together 4 easy reminders to align with yourself as the festivities and daily life unroll this season. Make these your own as you read! Trust your intuition to guide you during busy times. We will see you

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Healthful Holiday Eats: All You Need To Know… keep it simple!

Protein and Produce… your key to a more healthful holiday. By Nutrition Coach Rachel While navigating the holiday season, always have a go-to thought of “where is my produce?” and “where is my protein?”. There is no shortage of starches and grains in a Western diet and we promise they

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Intro to Integrative Nutrition Coaching: Elevate Your Health!

by Rachel, Head Nutrition Coach We know you’ve been curious, so here is a quick intro to illuminate how our Nutrition offerings will benefit you. Integrative Nutrition and Holistic Health approaches are quickly making way into our lives to guide us to meet our goals. And thank goodness! Life is

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Immune Boosting Foods: Vitamin C for Longevity

by Rachel, Head Nutrition Coach Well, it’s here! The winter months are upon us in Minnesota and the cold is quickly guiding us inside for the season. Also the time of year when illness tends to ramp up. As a community working to keep everyone feeling comfortable like washing hands,

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Holidays + Bone Broth: Up Level Flavor & Good Feelings

by Rachel, Lead Nutrition Coach It’s the most wonderful time of the year… and we want you to feel your absolute best! So we have one very simple way to boost your protein to have a balance of energy with the festive delectable sweet treats.  Holidays are a time for

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Coaching Our Coaches: Staff Development at RECF

by Coach Chris Quality is vitally important at Ripple Effect. Quality movement, quality relationships, quality space & equipment — and quality coaches! Not just in technical acumen and knowledge, we also want the best humans we can find. Not to brag, but…we have some of the best humans around on

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You Don’t Need to Be “In Shape” to Start

One thing I hear frequently from folks when they hear I own a gym is, “I’ve been thinking about joining a gym, but I feel like I need to get in better shape first.” Or some variation of “Oh, I could never handle a workout like that, I’m not fit enough!”

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