Let’s Do Better

Let’s Do Better. by Coach Chris If you went anywhere near your social media yesterday, you probably noticed it was Martin Luther King Jr. Day in the USA. Everybody and their mother was posting MLK quotes on Instagram. That in itself isn’t a problem. However, most of these quotes were posted without context. Without context,… Continue reading Let’s Do Better

All About Lifting Belts

All About Lifting Belts This week we got a great question from one of our members: When should you wear a lifting belt? As with any piece of optional equipment, the answer to the question “Should I use it?” is…it depends!  We’ll start off with the basics. A lifting belt is a wide adjustable belt,… Continue reading All About Lifting Belts

Inclusivity in the Gym

This week Coach Chris sat down with fellow gym owner Hannah Wydeven, owner of Solcana Fitness in Minneapolis. Hannah’s gym is a shining example for other owners in the fitness place for what it means to actually be inclusive. Her gym is filled with folks of different ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds. Everyone feels safe and… Continue reading Inclusivity in the Gym

Father’s Day Thoughts: My Dad’s Role in RECF

Father’s Day Thoughts: My Dad’s Role in RECF Growing up, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to try tons of different sports. Baseball, basketball, ice hockey, swim team, diving, soccer, roller hockey, and probably half a dozen other’s I’ve forgotten over the years.  For many of those sports, my dad was the team… Continue reading Father’s Day Thoughts: My Dad’s Role in RECF