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The Comotion Center for Movement

The CoMotion Center for Movement One of the coolest and most unique things about Ripple Effect is that we are part of a health & arts collective called CoMotion Center for Movement. The collective includes boxing, ballet, modern dance, physical therapy, bike fitting, personal trainers, functional fitness, and more. All

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Get To Know Coach Kathie

Kathie Smith is the latest addition to the Ripple Effect staff! A longtime member of the gym, she’s now entered our coaching internship! She’s working on her coaching certification through Two Brain Coaching, meeting with Coach Chris every week, shadowing classes, and working every day to increase her knowledge and

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Anatomy of a Ripple Effect class

You might be wondering — what does a class at Ripple Effect look like? What do you actually do when you get there? Do I need to know how to do everything ahead of time? You walk into our studio (or currently, our outdoor workout space). The coach greets you

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