“Before & After” Pictures Suck.

Before & After Pictures Suck.By Coach Chris You won’t see Before & After pictures on our social media. We’re sick of seeing these as the “gold standard” of marketing and social proof for exercise & nutrition programs. Aside from the fact that they’re VERY easily manipulated, there’s all sorts of ethical problems with these comparisons. …… Continue reading “Before & After” Pictures Suck.

Be One of the Cool Kids

Be One of the Cool Kids I’ll never forget my first fitness competition. I was a young, lanky 26 year old who had really just learned that fitness competitions were a thing. I’d only been practicing barbell lifts for about six months, but as a life long competitor in sports, I was hungry for a…… Continue reading Be One of the Cool Kids

Our Indoor Class Safety Plan

Our Indoor Class Safety Plan  At RECF we’ve been ahead of the curve on COVID-19 since the beginning. We closed our doors a week before we were required to by law, because we believed it was the right thing to do.  Instead of rushing back into the gym over the summer as restrictions loosened, we’ve…… Continue reading Our Indoor Class Safety Plan

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Going All-In

(L-R) Andrew Bergeson of the United States, Cameron Naasz of the United States, Marco Dallago of Austria and Scott Croxall of Canada perform during the Finals of the Red Bull Crashed Ice, the second stop of the Ice Cross Downhill World Championship in Saint Paul, MN, United States of America on February 22, 2014. // Andreas Langreiter/Global Newsroom/Red Bull Content Pool // VIN: SI201402230094 // Usage for editorial use only // Please go to www.redbullcontentpool.com for further informations. //

For some reason, back in 2014 I thought it would be an awesome idea to compete in Red Bull’s Crashed Ice event here in St. Paul. If you haven’t seen the sport of ice cross downhill before, it’s pretty insane. It’s basically extreme downhill racing on hockey skates, on a course made of ice, full…… Continue reading Going All-In

Let’s Get Personal

Let’s Get Personal Moving up to PeeWee level in hockey was a big deal. You were one of the big kids now! That was the year that you were allowed to body check and use real slap shots.  Most kids were pumped. I wasn’t. Not only was I the closest thing to a hockey pacifist…… Continue reading Let’s Get Personal

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Level Up Your Stats

The year was 1997. My palms were sweaty. I’d just put brand new batteries in my Game Boy Color. I’d made sure to save my game once again, just in case. I consulted my game manual one last time. There was nothing left to do. It was finally time: I was ready to take on…… Continue reading Level Up Your Stats

Are You Plugged In?

Are You Plugged In? by Coach Chris A month ago I was challenged by my business mentor and a group of other gym owners to publish a piece of content every day for 30 days. Every single day, I’d need to write a blog post, record a video, or some other piece of content beyond…… Continue reading Are You Plugged In?

The Comotion Center for Movement

The CoMotion Center for Movement One of the coolest and most unique things about Ripple Effect is that we are part of a health & arts collective called CoMotion Center for Movement. The collective includes boxing, ballet, modern dance, physical therapy, bike fitting, personal trainers, functional fitness, and more. All of this under one roof,…… Continue reading The Comotion Center for Movement

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