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Little Shifts

Little Shifts, by Coach Alison What’s the best way to go about making lasting change in your life? Small, consistent habits that build over time are much more reliable than doing a 180 or setting your expectations extremely high. The idea of building little shifts (or habits) into your routine

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Opportunity Knocks

Opportunity Knocks Gyms in MN have re-opened for group classes once again! For many folks this past year has presented a ton of new challenges when it comes to keeping up our fitness routine. Many of us have had to rely on very limited space & equipment. Some of you

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Be One of the Cool Kids

Be One of the Cool Kids I’ll never forget my first fitness competition. I was a young, lanky 26 year old who had really just learned that fitness competitions were a thing. I’d only been practicing barbell lifts for about six months, but as a life long competitor in sports,

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Time to Get (a little) Uncomfortable

We like to hang out in our comfort zone. It’s comfortable in there! Warm, snuggly, and easy. We know what we’re doing. We know what to expect. It’s re-watching The Office for the 19th time instead of trying a new show. It’s ordering the same dish from the same restaurant

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Going All-In

For some reason, back in 2014 I thought it would be an awesome idea to compete in Red Bull’s Crashed Ice event here in St. Paul. If you haven’t seen the sport of ice cross downhill before, it’s pretty insane. It’s basically extreme downhill racing on hockey skates, on a

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You Need a Team

You Need a Team, by Coach Chris Back in the day (and by that I mean a couple years ago) I was a competitive inline speed skater. Yes, you read that right. Competitive inline speed skating is a thing. I was one of the cool guys careening down the Greenway

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Level Up Your Stats

The year was 1997. My palms were sweaty. I’d just put brand new batteries in my Game Boy Color. I’d made sure to save my game once again, just in case. I consulted my game manual one last time. There was nothing left to do. It was finally time: I

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My World Record Idea

My world record idea, by Coach Chris My “office” was really a storage room that they’d crammed a desk and computer in, piled high with stacks of medical release forms.  Take a form from the stack. Look up the person on the computer. Type in the check number. Make a

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Are You Plugged In?

Are You Plugged In? by Coach Chris A month ago I was challenged by my business mentor and a group of other gym owners to publish a piece of content every day for 30 days. Every single day, I’d need to write a blog post, record a video, or some

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Comparison is Holding You Back

Comparison Is Holding You Back When I first became a dad, everything changed. As a gym owner, I was used to working out whenever I wanted, for however long I wanted. I was used to doing everything on my own schedule — sleeping, eating, cooking, traveling, etc.  Then, my wife

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