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Why We Share Our Gender Pronouns in Class

Why We Share Our Gender Pronouns in Class by Lianna Cotant, RECF member At Ripple Effect, every class we introduce ourselves. We ask for folks to share their name, and then give the option to share their pronouns if they’d like. So, why do we have our members do this?

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Why We Sold Our InBody Machine

by Coach Chris Today we shipped our InBody machine to another gym, down in Tennessee. We spent close to $6,000 on the machine when we bought it in early 2019. By any measure, it was our most expensive piece of equipment in the gym! So why would we sell it? 

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“Before & After” Pictures Suck.

Before & After Pictures Suck.By Coach Chris You won’t see Before & After pictures on our social media. We’re sick of seeing these as the “gold standard” of marketing and social proof for exercise & nutrition programs. Aside from the fact that they’re VERY easily manipulated, there’s all sorts of

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Why Diets Don’t Work

Why Diets Don’t Work You probably know someone right now who is on a special diet. Maybe it’s Keto. Maybe it’s Whole30, or Paleo, or Carnivore, Zone, Intermittent Fasting, counting your macros, or one of the other dozens of diet plans out there. You’ve probably tried something like this yourself! 

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What is Virtuosity?

What is Virtuosity? Usually when we think of virtuosity, we think of a “virtuoso.” Someone who is insanely talented, at the very top of their profession. Someone who is peerless and unparalleled in their skills. You’re probably picturing a violinist, right? Maybe a renaissance artist? Probably not someone you know.

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Bouncing Back From Cancer: Sarah’s Story

We’d like you to meet one of our personal training clients, Sarah! At the beginning of 2020, she was diagnosed with colon cancer. She had to have her colon surgically removed, plus chemotherapy to ensure the cancer was eliminated completely. This combination of traumatic events on her body left her

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How to Get Your Body “Summer Ready”

How to Get Your Body “Summer Ready” Over our years of fitness and nutrition coaching, we’ve developed a secret formula to help you get your body ready for the beach this summer!  Here it is: Your body is already “beach ready”. Right now. The way it is. Every day. One

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How to Get Older Without Aging

How to Get Older Without Aging My mom, Nan, is a regular at Ripple Effect. In these pandemic days, you’ll find her lifting weights at Outdoor Barbell Club, working out from home on our Zoom classes, and texting me her favorite healthy recipes she’s going to feed us at our

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How to Reduce Stress

How to Reduce Stress, by Coach Chris The year 2020 has been an absolute insane ride, especially if you’re here in the Minneapolis/St.Paul area. It’s felt like a seemingly relentless torrent of negativity, disasters, frustration, and isolation for a lot of people. We’ve been glued to our phones and computers

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Supercharge Your Sleep

In our last article, “Sleep: The X Factor,” we discussed the importance of sleep for supporting your work in the gym and the kitchen. Most of the time when we think about sleep, we tend to focus on quantity. The question is usually, “Did I get enough sleep?” But laying

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