Bouncing Back From Cancer: Sarah’s Story

We’d like you to meet one of our personal training clients, Sarah! At the beginning of 2020, she was diagnosed with colon cancer. She had to have her colon surgically removed, plus chemotherapy to ensure the cancer was eliminated completely. This combination of traumatic events on her body left her feeling weak, unstable, and exhausted.

Thankfully, Sarah had an amazing oncologist (who also happens to be an RECF member), who suggested that she try some personal training to help her bounce back after finishing her treatment. Her doctor gave her our number, and Sarah began working with Coach Chris soon after.

Sarah has been working with Chris twice a week through virtual personal training sessions on Zoom for the last 2.5 months. It has worked extremely well. They’ve focused on basic bodyweight movements, core strength, and balance training, all while Sarah is working out in her living room.

“I started noticing a difference right away, especially in my balance and stability. After chemo I always felt clumsy and weak. If I needed something from the basement, I would put it off as long as possible because it was so difficult. Now, I do it right away because it’s no problem.

It’s also been awesome working out in the middle of the work day online. It allows me to step away for those 30 minutes, and come back for the rest of the work day more focused and energized. So it’s also improved the quality of my work.” 

Sarah has also done a great job of making movement a habit. She works a very high stress job for a high-profile nonprofit organization, that has been especially busy during the pandemic and the racial justice movement here in MN. 

“Sometimes I would get so wrapped up in my work sitting at my desk, that I’d sit for 3 or 4 hours straight without getting up. I knew it wasn’t good but I didn’t know what to do about it. Now, I’m more intentional about moving during the day. If I get up to go to the bathroom or take a stretch break, I do some air squats too.” 

We’re so proud of Sarah for kicking cancer! She officially entered remission last month. We’re excited what the rest of 2020 has in store for her health and fitness journey. We’re pretty sure this is just the beginning of a really amazing story. 

“To anyone out there with cancer or recovering from cancer, just take that first step. That was the hardest part was committing at first, but the personal training has helped me stay accountable and make sure I follow through. Also, get a colonoscopy!” 

Our coaches can truly meet you where you’re at. If you’re trying to recover from a serious illness or injury, or you’re trying to prevent them in the future, sign up for a Free Intro Call. We are here to help! The beauty of online training is that we can work together to get you healthier, from anywhere in the world. 



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