Believe In Yourself Again

Believe in Yourself Again

Maybe you feel like your best days are behind you.

Maybe you’re tired, in chronic pain, and getting more and more uncomfortable in your own skin.

Maybe you think about your past athletic exploits and feel deflated.

Maybe you’ve never thought of yourself as an athlete at all. 

We know a lot of you folks out there at home are looking for more. You want to be strong again. You don’t want achy knees and low backs. You don’t want to feel like you’ve “peaked” and everything is just going downhill from here. But it feels hopeless. After all, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, right?

Pardon our French, but we think that line is bullshit. 

At Ripple Effect we’re teaching people new things every single day. We’re re-connecting people with their bodies. We’re showing them what they are really capable of. We’re helping them uncover their inner athlete again, or maybe for the first time ever. Age is just a number here. We’ve got about a 50 year spread from our youngest to oldest members.

The work our members put in is never easy. If it was, it wouldn’t be effective. But it’s so worth it for moments like these:

Doing their first ever unassisted pull up.

Lifting their own bodyweight on a barbell above their head for the first time. 

Running a mile without stopping for the first time. 

Regaining a healthy relationship with food again. 

Feeling like a badass because they made it through a tough workout with lots of burpees. 

Seeing real life actual muscles in the mirror.

Accomplishing feats like this — and surrounding one’s self with people who are working towards the same sorts of things — has a profound effect on a person. The door to new possibilities is open again. 

It’s time to believe in yourself again. We’re here to show you how. We believe in you.

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