Anatomy of a Ripple Effect class

You might be wondering — what does a class at Ripple Effect look like? What do you actually do when you get there? Do I need to know how to do everything ahead of time?

You walk into our studio (or currently, our outdoor workout space). The coach greets you by name with a smile. You chat with the other members as you put your workout shoes on. Once the class time hits, everyone gathers around the whiteboard to kick things off!

The coach gives a short briefing at the whiteboard. They’ll talk through the workout of the day, and some of the different scaling & modification options available. They’ll tell you the objective of the workout — how is this workout supposed to feel? How long should it take? How heavy should your weight be, if using barbells or dumbbells? All your questions get answered, no judgement. 

After the briefing, the coach will lead the group through a general warmup. This gets the body ready for exercise, gives some time to practice basic movements, and get you in the mindset to kick some butt in your workout. All the movements are demonstrated and cued by the coach, so even in the warm up you’re moving well.

After that, the coach will break down all the movements in the workout, step by step. You’ll have plenty of time to practice the movements, do some drills to improve, and make sure you know exactly what modifications you may need to make for the workout. Even if you’ve never heard of any of the movements before you come to class (which is unlikely, but happens once in a while with new folks), we build in lots of teaching and practice time to make sure you’re good to go for a safe and effective workout. We consider ourselves masters of modification! We can make any workout work for any body. 

Then, you’ll do your workout! Maybe it’s interval training. Maybe it’s a heavy lifting day. Maybe it’s a metabolic conditioning workout with lots of different movements. It’s different every day. We just do one workout per day — it’s all about quality and focus over quantity! 

Then, you’ll spend some time cooling down afterwards. Some mobility, stretching,  accessory work, and usually lots of high fives and chatting with your class. Everyone works together to wipe down and put away all the equipment. 

Every step of the way is lead by a coach. Nobody gets left behind, judged, or made to feel stupid. We’ve all been beginners ourselves! We are passionate about making our space a judgement-free zone. We’re just here to help. 

(Note: right now we’re working out outdoors, except for personal training. This post is describing a “normal” class experience, outside of a pandemic situation! Our COVID-era outdoor classes follow different procedures with social distancing, increased cleaning, etc. )



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